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Updated on Feb 07, 2015

Hi friends   Please guide, I use to give Arnica to my 2 yrs old whenever he gets hurt. Is it safe. someone told me that its safe to give to kids as after taking this blood would not get clot. i am little worried. please help and guide.   Thanks Anju

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| Feb 13, 2015

Hi, I am an active consumer of homeopathy ever since I was a child and so give it to my child as well. Arnica 30 is absolutely fine to be given to children who have hurt themselves - wound or black and blue blood clots or finger pressed in the door etc. Give 4 pills at a time. If pain is severe, give it in every 2-4 hours based on how bad the pain is. Also calendula tincture is good for healing open wounds. but according to me faith is most important so if you have doubts in your mind, please see a doctor.

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| Feb 10, 2015

Hi Anju, I second Megha on this. Consult a homeopathy physician to know the side effects of it. also he will tell you the right dose to be administered and what is he right way.

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| Feb 09, 2015

Hi Anju. Ideally it would be advisable if a doctor gave you an advice for the same. I have also heard that arnica is highly recommended remedy for any sort of wounds. It is also meant to cure bumps which would have occured during any incident. However that said I would still advice you to ask a homeopathic doctor regarding the same. He would be able to guide you better.

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