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Updated on Aug 05, 2019

I would like to get ideas for homeschooling my twin sons for nursery group.

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| Aug 05, 2019

hi abhinaya ! here are some ideas about homeschooling. hope these will be of help to u. You could choose the curriculum u wish to use. The curriculum of different boards is available on the net. you can choose the method of learning - Montessori way, project-based approach, experiential learning, Waldorf method, etc. you can schedule the class hours as per their child’s interest and need. You could dedicate one day or half for a subject so that you could go deeper. You could have friends and family members who are experts in their field to give classes or impart learning based on their schedule. You can arrange the co-curricular and extracurricular activities based on your child’s interest and needs. Games and social weekends can be arranged at your child’s convenience and needs. Your child would get to choose his/her playmates. There are several sports clubs, libraries and private spaces that arrange games, activities to boost socializing and interaction. Since you are your child’s best teacher you can impart inspiring lessons. This will help you bond closely with your child. Your child can go to higher levels without waiting for a full school year. If your child has special needs or if your child is a gifted child you could arrange the learning accordingly. Hence there is flexibility. You become part of the growing homeschooling parent community. There would be novel ideas that you could exchange and apply.

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| Oct 27, 2020

Homeschooling is not that easy because kids are not serious to study at the home by parents this is because your behavior is cool with them. For more help about this you can AskPetersen and have essay samples for your help. They learn things from schools because they are somehow afraid of their teachers.

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