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Maryam Akhtar Rayini
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Sep 04, 2015

Hi, my daughter is 1 year one month. She doesn't wish to drink milk at all. However if I add little horlicks junior powder to the milk she seems to be liking it. Just wanted to know if it's ok, or no I shouldn't?

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| Sep 08, 2015

Ideally no such supplements and extra sugar shd be given to such a small child. You can try smoothies and shakes and as Mehak said kheer etc

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| Sep 04, 2015

Hi Mehak, I consulted my paediac for the same issue for my 1. 5 year son. As per him, child should have a healthy and balanced diet ideally but if he is not taking plain milk then it can be given in the form of kheer, curd, cheese. Also supplements like jr horlicks can also be given if child is not taking anything else. but include fruits, cereals, pulses, egg and milk products(like cheese, curd, cream in his diet). Hope it helps.

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