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how and what to play with my bAby

1 to 3 years

Created by Sherin
Updated on Nov 24, 2016

she is two yrs seven months I M busy with my house hold work she gets boring and playing with my mobile

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| Nov 26, 2016

hi shirin first you start her play group. so dat she will get routine. try to finish ur work when she sleeps n go to playgroup. in d evening make some time for her to tk to garden or just one round in d market. while preparing dinner you can give her utensils to play like give her empty glass n spoon and ask her to prepare tea n juice for you. sometime give her polybag n ask her to prepare list of things to get from market so dat she will learn fruits n vegetables name etc .kids enjoy dis activities.

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| Nov 25, 2016

hi sherin I know its tough to play whole day with them we become soo tired at the end of the day.. if possible involve her in ur work like cleaning room ,collecting all laundry dress one by one by counting ,cleaning veggie n repeating the names .. gv her work its not necessary tht whole day she has to play woth toys gv her house hold activities they love to do tht because I do same with my lill one n if she s troubling me lot then I use to gv her small mug water n cloth to clean sofas n toy racks .. I know its child labour but I dont hv other option...

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| Nov 24, 2016

Hii.. Make som tym for her n play with her using her toys n al. Learn her alphabets n numbrs through games. By bcoming mom v r learn to do al these automatically na..

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| Nov 24, 2016

Do u live in joint family??

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