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How can i get them away from tv & cell phone

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 23, 2017

They are always busy in cartoon and mobile games, they dont eat food without using mobile & watching tv,so how can i make this thingsaway from them.

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| Jul 23, 2017

Em facing the same problem... U narrated my own story....

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| Jul 24, 2017

Hello My dear Proparent , I've written a blog on Effects Gadgets have on the child's mind , you would like to go through the same ( How to get kids to stop viewing tv or mobile 1) limit their tv / gadget time ( if possible have a no mobile policy from the very beginning) 2) set clear rules about eating and tv viewing. chances are kids will torture you with their tantrums, but you will need to be strong. ( I also have 2 kids , they have this same tv seeing and eating philosophy, I am breaking it gradually , my older one listens , but the younger one is hell bent on breaking every rule in the book. ) 3) Let them do the eating by them selves , once they start eating on their own , their attention is captured elsewhere and tv is forgotten 4) Make sure that they are involved in some activity after school, sports are an important part of their day and keeps them fit both physically and mentally 5) Use tv viewing to your advantage, make sure you have educational programs or stories downloaded, once the child starts his bickering, you can allow him to watch a story , say ant and the Grasshopper , roughly 5 minutes , then give them the same story printouts and ask them to colour it completely , neatly if they want to go to the next story. Here you will be required to spend the time with the child. All other work can wait. 6) When I was a kid,my mom had this secret switch made , she simply closed it and our tv didn't open , she said the current is down and you can watch when it comes​ back again .... you could give this method a try , you will need a good electrician and a hidden place to put the switch in. 7) The lost remote game . Here I just hide the remote and ask the kids to find it. They search high and low , sometimes get cranky also , but a good 20-30 minutes go in this gadget chase.

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| Sep 27, 2017

Same with my daughter

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