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How can I make my child to eat solid food by chewing? Coz he still eats the grind food.

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Updated on Sep 14, 2017

My boy is almost 4years old and he can't chew food and every time he used to eat liquid food. We are giving him rice, dal veggies etc, but everything in grind. Can u suggest some ideas so that I can make him to eat solid food?

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| Sep 16, 2017

hi my kid has heard a abuse and he alwys use abusive language i threat him evry one on my family scold him but he is not forgetting that abusive word wht shold i do to make him forget that word. he never listen to me also

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| Sep 14, 2017

hi Pravita ! please serve her meals on dining table. serve her what everyone eats. let her have small bites , like roti dipped in Dal, soft idli, utappam, soft malai parantha , but avoid mashing or grinding it. this is the right time to make this transition or it will be too late. also keep motivating her. even if she vomits , don't panic, continue serving in small bites next time. she will sooner or later learn .

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