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how can I make my sons(8&13yr)enjoy studying? They like to play more than their work,when U say they must go and study they become angry&cry when U force them.

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Created by Siviwe
Updated on Oct 16, 2017

child interest in school work

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| Oct 16, 2017

Thanks Shikha,I will try it today then I will let U know how it went

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| Oct 16, 2017

hi Sivwie!I do comprehend ur concern. plan a schedule for both of them in which they have similar study and break time. make them sit on opposite side of a dining table. u can sit in between them. allot work to both of them , keep an eye on them. give them break together , and make them study together . this will make things easier for u. praise them when they study and follow the schedule. keep a tab on their day to day performance. be patient and motivate them.

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