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hello doctors! I want doctors to reply for my question. My baby is 6months and 12days old. before getting discharged from hospital bcg vavcine was given its was in private hospital after that rest other 3 vaccines of 1and half month, 2 and half month and 3 and half months vaccines were given in govt hospital. now for 6moths vaccine of hepetitisB 3rd govt hospital is not giving they say its directly for 9months vaccine. pls help me as what has to be done.. should i go for private for 6months valvcine now??? am also attaching a vaccine table given by private hospital and at the same time govt hospital vaccines which were given are also mentioned below the same table written in pen .Also tell me Rotavirus is given to my baby by govt which they haven mentioned below written in pen

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| May 14, 2023

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