how can we control anger when child does something which is not good?

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Updated on Mar 23, 2016

I have a 2. 5 year old kid, he will do something which is not good. I try to convince him but he becomes arrogant when i ask him not do so. Then i get angry and shout him I want to make him cool and convince him such a way he can understand. please suggest what can i do. some time his friends keep him away while playing. he started beating other kids for the same. if ask him to be away from them he will get angry or starts crying as if i have done something to him.

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| Mar 23, 2016

Hi Namratha! Please try and understand what your child is going through. Rejection is not easy to accept. If I /you /or for that matter anyone is told not to enter a room where a group of people are sitting and having fun. We are ought to feel bad and even react to it sometimes strongly and sometimes otherwise. A child doesn't see a reason why he should be kept away from playing with age mates and therefore retaliates. Having said that I am not taking sides or justifying his aggressive behavior but trying to empathize what he must be going thru. Please try and talk to those kids and ask them to play with him as well . His anger towards u indicates he is not happy with u taking their side and scolding him instead. Try to listen to both the parties and find the middle path. Hope it helps!

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