how do I create his interest in reading & writing in my 3 yr old boy

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Updated on May 20, 2016

My 3 yr old son not interested in drawing, swimming, dancing, eating... he is always love to play with his transportation toys. when ever I try to give him pen & paper he treat them as car & start playing with it...

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| May 20, 2016

Hi Astha, Your son is a little small for a structured class like dance class or swimming session. he is still learning to follow 1 or 2 instructions at a time. If you want to introduce him to swimming, take him to a kid's pool and let him play and get comfortable with water on his face. then gradually teach him to hold the breath in water with his face down for a second and then for 2 seconds and gradually increase the interval. For a while avoid formal session. It's not always necessary to use pen and paper for teaching. If he is interested in cars, let him draw the tyre's tread by dipping the wheels in paint for drawing. You could make him write his name with the car wheel's tread. you could also make him sort his cars on color, size, make etc. If he has hot wheels set, try to change the inclination of the track. Move the car at different inclination and see when the car goes the fastest. bend the track in U shape and make the car move. discuss why the car goes faster while going down and slower while climbing up. discuss gravity. if he wants to use the pen and paper as cars, let him use them as cars and tracks. Ask him for a story about the pen car. He might come up with a very creative story. If he wants to use the paper to make something related to transportation, allow him to do so. He will be encouraged to come up with new ideas. Your son is doing fine. Please try to find ways to stimulate his curiosity. He himself would ask you to teach more..

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