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how do I get care his psychological matter

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Feb 21, 2017

L am a working mother so how can I manage his violence

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| Feb 22, 2017

hi Tapati! I appreciate your concerns! please try and understand your child better and find out what triggers violence, with whom does he get violent, is their a model whom he could be imitating, is he being bullied or targeted? u need to work on the bond that u share with him and spend some quality time with your child. take him for walks, or a long drive or even a movie. if u think he shares good rapport with his father, or any other adult member , let them do the needful. the more he would open up and share his concerns and what frustrates him , the better he would be able to deal with it. be his strength he needs you. avoid judging him and understand under what circumstances he is behaving so. hug him , praise him, deal with him patiently. he is at a stage where he is already going through many stressful events, so be his strength and not weakness. hope this helps!

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| Feb 21, 2017

hii Tapati .. try to be friendly with him ..u r wrking still u can spend sm time in evenings or weeki with him .. try to find out his likes n dislikes .. it ll help u in knowing his behaviour..

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