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How do I wake up my son fresh for school

3 to 7 years

Created by Sonal
Updated on Feb 03, 2014

Hi,   I have 5 yr old Son, its a task to wake him up in the morning for school, he is generally very irritated & throw tantrum for everything.   Please tell me some tips to wake him fresh every morning. We sleep around 10. 30 pm & i wake him up at 7. 30 a. m.  

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| Feb 06, 2014

Thanks all mum, I really appreciate. I did follow your feedback & I can see it working.. Thanks once again.

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| Feb 04, 2014

Dear Sonal, most 5 year olds would create a fuss when woken up. Like the other mothers have suggested, you may put your son to bed earlier. This way he may get the amount of sleep he needs and wake up feeling fresher in the mornings. Then again a little fuss and tantrums will always be there.. That will pass with time ;)

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| Feb 03, 2014

U cud ask him to go to balcony and give him milk there only. U cud ask him to observe nature, watch birds, discuss about trees, bushes, shrubs , climbers. Talk about animals in the vicinity.

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| Feb 03, 2014

Hi Sonal! It is advisable u cud give him warning at night that u will try n awake him just twice and if he does not wake up, he will not be send to school. And same thing will continue for days. Just skip school one day and tell him u r responsible for this off from school. N if second day same thing persist let him again not go to school. I am sure by third day he shd go to school on one wake up call. The moment we shift responsibility on the child himself/ herself, he will behave likewise. U cud avoid him take afternoon naps and make him sleep max by 9. 30 p. m. To make him feel fresh in the morning u cud ask him to get up early by 7 a. m. and get fresh, and give water to plants, or do excercise indoors only or listen to light music which will make him feel better. Hope this helps!

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