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How do you help your child if he's getting bullied at school..

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Created by Nitin
Updated on Aug 17, 2012

Have been noticing that my nephew is getting quieter and more secluded every passing day. My guess has come true and he's opened up and told us that he's being bullied at school by a bunch of class mates. We are planning to talk to the parents and the teacher... but then i don't think that would be enough to raise the spirits of my nephew... anyone has a relevant input or learning from their own experience which they could share. sooner the better.....

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| Sep 05, 2012

One more thing- I heard recently of children who were refusing to go to school and the reason, after much cajoling, turned out to be terrorizing teachers! Sorry to say this on Teachers Day, but I have been a teacher too and I know for sure you dont need to punish any child as a means of getting work done. Rewards work just fine and is better for self esteem of children. You could probably find out if that is a problem- if so, you could talk to the higher authority and get it checked. A lot of kids would benefit.

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| Sep 05, 2012

Nitin, I hope this is not too late, I have a couple of examples which might be of help... first is when I was a kid. I was a perfect victim of bullying, and an older girl made good use of it. She used to threaten me every day about something she would complain about to the headmistress and I remember having sleepless nights about it. I was terrorized beyond comparison. Now I realise, if I had communicated this to my parents without shame or fear, I would have been spared. So communication with the child is of primary importance. You HAVE to know who is bullying him and about what issue. Recently, my daughters friend was being bullied in her bus. She refused to travel in the school bus. Until her mother got up on the bus and gave a sound hearing to the older boys bullying her and warning them of consequences if they continued. They stopped. Talking to the teacher would help. If a neighbour is troubling then the childs seat can be changed. Hope this helps.

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| Aug 18, 2012

sure, shall write a message to you bhavna. thanks a ton for your help.

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| Aug 17, 2012

Nitin , if i may ... what is he being bullied about ?? Bullying usually leads to self esteem issues... the whole issue needs to be understood at the grass roots level... i have seen enough cases around me to know that it needs to be addressed not just in the school or the other parents but also on a personal level with the child.. If you could just clarify about the kind of bullying your nephew was facing i might be able to suggest a few tips on how to raise his spirits....

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