How does child can be saved from the adoption of electronic

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Updated on May 12, 2015

Now a days children are more adopted by the electronic gadgets for which they are not interested for outdoor games. my son is 6 years old. Initially he was more adopted to watch cartoon channels which I blocked during the summer vacation. But now a days most of the time he love to play games through electronic gadgets. We tried to engage him through diff activity but when ever he get free time he uses electronic gadgets to pass his time. Anyone suggest how to come out from the situation and use the time with some valuaded activity.

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| May 13, 2015

Hi Bipul Ghosh, In an ideal scenario most Parents believe that their child would use gadgets to develop them self, and would be disciplined about it but sometimes reality is a very different picture. Setting some ground rules early about the usage time, content, excessive possessiveness will help you a lot and it is also necessary to tell your child about the harm the gadgets do and the time the child needs to spend with family as well as on other activities.

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| May 12, 2015

Bipul Ghosh - This blog may be something you are looking for. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/8-tips-for-a-digital-detox-diet-for-your-family/496

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