How effective is Pediasure?

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Updated on Oct 08, 2015

Hello my twin daughters are 18 months. They are really fussy eaters as in they do not put anything edible easily in their mouth. Their weight is 9-10 kgs. Their doctor suggested pediasure. I want to know has anyone tried it? Is it effective in providing required nutrients to the baby? Also what else do I give my children to increase their height and weight??

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| Oct 10, 2015

Hi Niti, Pedisure good, but in that you will get some nutrients only. Initially My colleague give pedisure to his son. But there is no much changes. . After that he give some nutrition food, then there is good changes in his son. Contact me to email address kirankumarbm1989@gmail. com. I will ask my friend and tell about that

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| Oct 08, 2015

Hi Niti, my daughter was an extremely fussy eater and would live on air and milk. I had started pediasure for her and continued for a little over a year. In addition to not eating at all, she would fall sick every month. He had a very low immunity which was down to her not eating any food. Pediasure did make a difference to her health. She had put on weight and grew taller, but moreover she did not fall sick as often. However, I cannot place the entire change in her with Pediasure as along with giving her pediasure, I also continued my mission to try and feed her nutritious food, food of different tastes and textures, tried various other ways to get her interested in food, explained to her the importance of eating well otherwise she would be too tired to play etc etc etc. She gradually got the message and took interest in food. It took a lot of time and patience and at the same time I knew that Pediasure was providing with some of the essential nutrients which she was missing in her diet. I suggest you wait until your twins are 2 years old to introduce Pediasure to them. In the meantime, you may try various way in getting them interested in food, avoid all distractions when they are at the table and speak to them more on the importance of having their vegetables and protein. May I ask if they fall sick often? I think they have a reasonably good weight. My daughter was 9. 6kgs at 2 years. Now she's 6, eats all her food and is in good health. I wish you all the luck and just to add that eating healthy is a way of life. I would encourage you to try various ways to get your toddlers to eat and then resort to pediasure if necessary. Hope this helps ;)

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