How i handle my stubborn daughter please help out

Krishna Bhadra
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Updated on Jan 24, 2016

My daughter is 2. 4 yrs .Nowadays she has become too stubborn I can't handle her this behavior as she is not listening to my words.... and this makes me angry and I start shouting at her... please help me out and I don't want to shout or pamper anything like this to my daughter ...she is my only precious gem... and this makes me worry about her.. she is already a reserved 1... and now stubborn also.. how should I make her understand ...Thanks in advance...

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Niharika Singh

| Jan 27, 2016

Hi i had the similar issue with my daughter a few months back she used to shout throw things n stuff n then i read an article according to which the child learn these activities while observing so first of all make sure you dont do any such activity in front of her n also spend quality tine with her, make her sit with her toys n books n explain her how to use them. I did it with my daughter n i can see changes

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gayatri chadwa

| Jan 25, 2016

Be patient.. try to teach her from example.. if what she asks for is not good for her explain in ways she might understand... try attracting her attention to things she loves doing. If she doesnt listen to you make your husband talk to her. Also make sure that if one person in family says no its a no from everyone.. Talk to your family take their support i know its difficult but try not to lose patience and be calm as much as possible. Shouting at times when she is out of limits is Ok.. good luck!

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