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how I teach my children when they are not interested in study

7 to 11 years

Created by Malti Pathak
Updated on Jun 26, 2016


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| Jul 02, 2016

Hi Malti, There is no one single answer to your question. Each concept can be taught in infinite number of ways. Using paper and pen while learning requires the child to retrieve information from memory and apply which is very boring for children. Where as using daily activities would stimulate their curiosity, make them ask questions, think differently, come up with different options/ideas. it would definitely be very interesting for them to explore and experience. Say for example for little children, the board game snake and ladders can be used to teach counting, reverse counting, skip counting, addition and subtraction. you play snake and ladders game in reverse starting from 100 to 1 to learn reverse counting. A small pumpkin can be used to learn estimation (estimating the height weight, no of seeds), measurement - weight, circumference, height. The same pumpkin can be used as a non standard measurement (instead of a cm/inch ruler, use the pumpkin to measure your child's height by making him lie down and see how many pumpkins long he is. You can also teach why we use standard measurements. For older children, you can use baking process to teach measurement(weight, cup measurement, spoon measurement, volume, temperature ), fraction, ratio, difference between chemical change and physical change, states of matter,fermentation, some of the chemical formula. estimation (can estimate what the volume of the cake would be before you put the cake pan in the oven). There are various biographies books written for children, folktale books that tell us about people, culture, tradition, places. Story books help in developing their critical thinking. to know different ways to teach, check some youtube videos, homeschooler's blogs, khan academy (only for yourself to get ideas). But avoid showing videos to children younger than 7 yrs old. Go beyond text books. Your child will get inspired to learn. Hope this gives some idea.

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| Jun 27, 2016

HI Malti, the best way to teach a child when they are not interested in studying is to make a game of studying. How do you do that well here is the answer -- let them get a book and tell them to open it on the random page (works well with English and Hindi). Once they have opened ask them to read just one para and and then play a quiz how many nouns, verbs, adjectives, who said to whom, what is the gist of the para and can they guess from that one para what the entire story/chapter is all about. similarly with maths introduce it in daily activities. once they see that education is not boring they will start studying.

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| Jun 27, 2016

Hi Malti, Go through this article might help you -

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