How make my child to eat by herself

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 11, 2015

My daughter is 5 yrs but i have to feed her all the time. How to train her. If i let her eat she never finish the meals...

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| Sep 11, 2015

Hi Shabana, u can food interesting for her example... make different shapes of paratha... try to make finger foods. children at this age find it most difficult to sit and eat.... U can start by giving food in her hand so that she can eat and be hersel.... like veg cutlets,Egg whites,shredded chicken... once she understands that eating is fun she will gradually sit and eat on the Dining table. Another thing that works is rewarding the child of he eats on her own(but I think u would have tried that).... biggest thing is patience... child will take his own tum to eat and finish.... let her do so.... dnt wait to finish the meal tym with her finishing.... start doing ur chores. Soon she will understand she is falling back. Try these tips ....Hope it works! Give independence to ur child

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