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Oct 05, 2012

Hi all I have enrolled my 5 year old daughter in a dance class (2 days a week, 1 hr a day) and art class (1 day a week, 2 hrs). I am thinking if I should also get her into music. She is inetersted in karate, archery too, and has told me she would like to try it out. Do I enroll her in some or all of these? How much is too much at this age as far as activities go? There is no scope of "free play" in our area and it is restricted to the days I get time to drive her down to the park, or beach. There are no kids her age close by too. I sometimes drive her down to her school friends house (once in 2 weeks or so). She usually makes friends in her dance and art classes only. Payal

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Neetu Ralhan

| Oct 18, 2012

Hi Payal, at 5, children do develop a curiosity and interest in a number of things. I believe when it gets too much, it starts to show : in the child - as resistance to go for a class, in the parent : as fatigue in taking the child for a class every now and then. Even so, some parents love to do that. Since at 5, there is not much burden of studies, you could perhaps have her join karate / archery, moving away from the art forms she is already discovering. At 5, kids really cant decide what they like best and can only be given opportunities to explore and soon you will find her settling for fewer things. Some things, we only figure out with time, been there, done that :)

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