How teach my 5 year son to eat by own

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Updated on Apr 25, 2016

How make my son eat by his own I am really frustrated to feed my son he never eat by his own if i leave him with a meal he will never finish it at end I have to feed him .I need help if any body can tell me how make him eat by his own it would be great help bcz it kills lot off time all the 3 meals I have to feed him...

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| Apr 27, 2016

Hi Jyoti Ashwani! Yes I understand it's not easy to feed 3 meals each to both kids. Since he has got into the habit and old habits die hard. But don't get disheartened. Take baby steps. Begin with one time meal first say breakfast. Give handy food such as a stuffed parantha or besan cheela or dosa which child can roll and eat on his own. Get a plate for yourself and his sibling too. give gentle reminders to stay focused on food first and rest of the things later. Let there be a race who will finish first. Let him win intentionally so that he gets motivated. Avoid TV or iPad along with food. Then once he is OK with one time meal, try the same method for rest of the times too. Gradually shift them to dining table and let them have food with others. Give incentives once in a while with a favorite dish or a dessert or sweets etc. Hope this helps!

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