How to balance moms time between the older child and the new born baby.

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Updated on May 28, 2017

Hi girls, my elder son is 5. 5 years and I delivered recently my younger son is just 2. 5 months old. since my elder son will goto 1st grade his studies will increase. Please suggest how do I balance my time to take care of both my boys and coping with my elder ones studies. Please share your experiences if any.

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| May 28, 2017

hi Payal! I absolutely understand your concerns. have been there and done that. i too have two girls with almost same age Gap . Payal u would be required to juggle between home , 2 kids, elders one's studies along with other responsibilities. it's advisable to plan the day in such a manner that u r able to pay attention to elder one when your lil one is sleeping . if you are in a joint family set up then a grandparent can take care of your lil one , once he is fed.. also try and teach your elder one self studying by assigning him work which u can correct as soon as u get time in between. u could explain a concept and give him one or two examples and he could carry on. once your lil is sleeping and elder one is in school u could make test papers for him, which he can do after is thorough with concepts . mark syllabus he is supposed to cover on that particular day. thay way u will save lot of time. hope this will be of help to u!

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| May 29, 2017

Thank you Shikha. Yes we do stay in joint family but my mother in law has passed away so I am the only lady in the family. Would try to make schedules for the elder ones studies as suggested by you. Thank you so much

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