How to behave with 5 years child?

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Updated on Jan 20, 2016

My Son is 5. 2 years old. As I am working mother,i could not give sufficient time to him. Always I feel guilty for the same reason. His nature is aggressive and moody. to encourage him to concentrate on study. Another side he has good observation capacity. According to School Teacher ,he knows the things. But due to lack of confidence, he is not taking initiative at his end. If Teacher points out certain things to him ,he become conscious. Regularly after finishing my household work. I takes him for studies, But he always says no for it. What you suggest?

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| Jan 21, 2016

Hi, I'm not working but still my son 6 yrs old likes sitting in front of tv, watching all his favourites. So I give his own time let him finishes then ask him to come back for studying or writing home work. Till u finish your household work allow to play or whatever he is interested. Allow him to be comfortable after returning from school. Make your time flexible for kids.

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