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How to boost milk supply?

Manjula J
0 to 1 years

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Updated on Oct 21, 2015

Pls suggest me some remedies to increase milk supply

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Devi Vandana

| Oct 28, 2015

Have drumsticks (moringa) leaves as much as you can.. improves milk supply miraculously..

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Nandhini Gnana

| Oct 23, 2015

Eating minced meat,sabakki soppu(sooe keerai), garlic, green leafy veg, lots of water, paal sora.

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| Oct 22, 2015

Hi Manjula, Add cumin in your diet it helps to increase breast milk

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saranya duraisami

| Oct 21, 2015

Boil garlic in milk and eat it.. drink lots of liquids and water.. eat vendhaiyam.. corn.. sweet potato..

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Bhavana Bhogavilli

| Oct 21, 2015

Hi Manjula... the more you feed the more it produces... besides take proper balanced diet which should include especially protiens and diary like milk cereals dry fruits etc... always remember do not delay nursing more than 3 he's if the baby is not hungry pump it out... it reduces milk production.. Hope this information helps

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