How to clean baby's ears

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Updated on Dec 01, 2015

Hi.. my baby is 5 months and there is wax in his ears. Can someone please suggest how to clean his ears.

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| Dec 04, 2015

Desi dai ilaaj. When massaging your baby before a bath, put a drop of oil in his ears. So, put a drop of oil, (i use coconut or olive oil), in his left ear. Then using your thumb, lightly massage the ear from the back (from the soft area behind the lobe), and then from the front (from the C shaped area in the front). The back motion shoukd be up and down, front side to side, from the face, towards the ear. Repeat for right ear. Then bathe normally. The wax will emerge on its own. You could also use a nasal/ear bulb. If you're unsure, just take him to a pediatrician. She'll remove it for you. I use the desi method.. And my baby's ears are squeaky clean.

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