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How to control anger for 1. 5yr toddler

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Updated on Oct 06, 2015

Hello frnds My lo is 1. 5 yr. Problem with him is his anger.. he starts throwing things ;sometimes hitting himself if we dnt listen to him or dnt give what he wants.... sometimes i also loose my patience n hit him back.. i knw dats wrong in my part but plz tell me what to do. Sometimes i find so difficult to control him... juz fed up now.. i tried everything.. evrytime i told him politely not to do so but he juz dnt care.. feeling irritae

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| Oct 06, 2015

Hi Anjali, You may find this blog helpful-

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| Oct 07, 2015

Dear Anjali, you may introduce your child to 'time out'. This method has worked wonderfully for my children. When you see your child not listening ir throwing things, you can tell him politely not to do it and also explain why. If he does it the second time, then give him a warning that he will me made to stand in a corner till he behaves. If he does it the 3rd, time, take him to a quiet corner, away from family members to TV and make him stand there for 2 mins. Explain why he is there and that he needs to stand there till you go and get him. Chances are he will follow you back or will have a fit. Please put him in the 'naughty corner' each time he comes out of before the 2 mins are over. Keep cool and ignore any screams. Once he has stood quietly for 2 mins then go and explain why he was made to stand there and that he should not repeat or he will be back in the naughty corner. This method will take a few days to show results. A few important points to keep in mind are 1. keep calm, no screaming or shouting from your end, 2. don't put him in the bathroom or a dark room with doors closed. It ideally should be a quiet corner in a room 3. ask the other family members not to interfere or give in to him 4. Explain to your child why was he sent to the naughty corner or for time out. He needs to know which act or behaviour is not expected from him. Hope this helps. Good luck

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