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How to Control my kid

1 to 3 years

Created by Divya Nagaraj
Updated on Sep 01, 2015

My baby us 1. 9 years old . I'm not able to take care of her because of household chores and end up leaving her with her grandmother. She is not listening my words which makes me worry a lot...

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| Sep 02, 2015

Thank u shika for ur valuable advice 'll do it and build a strong bond between us

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| Sep 02, 2015

Hi Divya! I can understand when kid don't listen, how frustrating it could be. Children tend to develop a bond with those who spend time with them, care for them, do work related to them and more importantly are available when kids need them around. Divya u could try out following methods which I try for myself : 1. Segregate yr work such as essential from non essential. Focus on essential work such as cooking etc. and finish it first. 2 . Non essential work can be delegated to other family members if feasible such as shopping of veggies , filling water bottles, watering plants, stacking clothes etc. Or it Can be done with the presence of child around. U could involve him as well. Though it would mean Lil mess but he would enjoy doing this with u. 3. Finish heavy work say cooking , etc. while the child is sleeping. 3. Make sure u spare time to go to park with him everyday even if it means for a short span of1 hr or so. 4. Give toys to child to play with while you are around and doing work as chopping veggies or ironing . Keep interacting in between. 5. Talk to the child as much as possible. 6. Love him by taking him yr lap and cuddling him. 7. Avoid talking negative things about his grandparents. This would further widen the gap between u two. 8. Be around when he needs u. For ex to clean him when he soils his clothes, when he is hungry, when he is hurt, when he is sleepy, etc. 9. Avoid nagging the child by repeatedly telling him to listen to u. 10. Make sure when u talk to the child u r neither shouting at him nor pleading him. Shower yr unconditional love on yr child, kids are smart enough to reciprocate what should be. This should help!

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