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How to control naughty and intelligent child at same time he is very sensitive

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Updated on Jul 27, 2019

my son is almost 5 years old he used to play all the time. He is very naughty. He used to observe things and talks of elder he is intelligent but too much naughty it's getting difficult to control him sometime I slap him n I personally feel guilty of my conduct kindly guide me how to control him

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| Jul 27, 2019

hi tashfa! some children are a bundle of energy and they would just not stop. aap bacchey ko kisi sport, ya extra curricular activities Mai daliye jisse uski energy right direction Mai channelize ho Jaye. hit Karne se woh bhut jiddi ho jayega aur bilkul hi baat nahi manega.

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| Jul 31, 2019

You child seems to active and needs to be do something constantly. Try to read books for him alot, whenever possible, get toys like puzzle were he has to arrange pieces and make complete picture, worksheet/practice book relating to curriculum he is in, set him in some kind of good game (game class) if you can. You can join library on monthly or yearly basis and get books/puzzle toys for kids. In this way he will enjoy toys as you can rotate them and bring every week/month something new. Hope this helps.

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