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How to deal with my son's tantrums for not going to school?

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Updated on Sep 07, 2015

Being a working mom i have observed that my son is not willing to go to school these days & makes some excuses,cries,runs away while getting ready,dont know how to deal with this situation?after asking him politely he confessed that he doesn't like that i go to office while he is in school. He is looked after by my mom-in-law very nicely,but for the last few days he is not going to school which is hampering his nursery classes. Don't know how to handle this situation?

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| Oct 29, 2015

Hi Megha! At first, every child does that at the beginning days of schooling. They should be fine after two weeks. If the problem still persists, then you need to explore the reason other than being attached to you. There could be several reasons behind your child not going to school. I am sure situation would improve slowly. Have patience and happy parenting!

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| Sep 08, 2015

Most of the nurseries are quite understanding now a dys. we usually take some time to console my son.. but drop him late also giving valid reason. and never forget to ask him or make him realise he really had very good time @school today. he ll fall back to track and mentally prepared to tomorrow. Sometimes he ll miss bath or uniform or shoe.. but school shd be routine

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| Sep 07, 2015

Hi Megha Trivedi, That seems to be separation anxiety. Your child seems to have the insecurity of leaving you. He likes your company and want to spend most of the time with you. You can make him understand that every good child goes to school. Even mumma and papa have gone to school. Promise him that if he'll go school then you'll play with him for extra time. Share your weekend plan with him. Ask his teachers for the cooperation.

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