How to deal with tantrum kids

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Aug 21, 2019

my son is 4 years and he always show tantrums or yell when i scold or beat him ...what shoul i do to mske him calm .......hiw to deal with himnplease suggest me

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| Aug 21, 2019

hi Priyanka Das ! hitting would definitely do no good and would rather make the situation worse . the child already seems to be In a retaliatory mode. u could be patient while dealing with him. take a deep breath and think what should be the right behavior to deal with a 4 year old. sit with him, strengthen the bond that u share with him by spending quality time with him.. play age appropriate games with him, watch cartoons with him, hug him often, talk a lot with him. gradually he would start listening to u .

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