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how to develop good manners and importance of time in child

7 to 11 years

Created by Navdeep
Updated on Sep 01, 2016

I want my son to well mannered and highly disciplined but I am not able to do this kindly help me wat to do with my 8 years old boy . I want him to learn importance of time also

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| Sep 02, 2016

hi Nk! hope u r doing great ! I appreciate your concerns and your wish to inculcate good manners and value of time in your child.. following are the ways u could do so: a) let their be blanket rules for the entire family including yourself . for instance. I want my child to cut down on chocolates or sweets but I myself have been consuming the same in front of the child. this might not go well with the child and he might refuse to follow my instructions. b) avoid doing things which you don't want your child to imitate. for instance .if I am shouting at my child on speaking loudly it makes no sense. Communicate disapproval in firm yet soft tone. c) avoid giving empty consequences. for instance if I tell my child, next time u throw away the toy u will be missing on your visit to park. the message which goes to the child is mommy is not serious, she will forget by evening and will still take me. it is advisable to give immediate consequences like taking away the toy next time he throws it away. d) avoid having arguments with your husband on disciplining kids in their earshot. as children might take advantage of this diffference of opinion and might approach either of u , who supports them. e) be punctual and avoid procrastinating. for ex- be on time on dinner table, finish things before time, set routine for children and yourself and more or less stick to it. f) respect them , hug them, love them, praise them , motivate them.. just like u want all this to happen with u. Nk we are their role models. they look up to us for everything. I am sure if we are at our best , they would definitely be following our footsteps and be on the right track. hope this helps!

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| Sep 02, 2016

HI NK, Children always learn by imitation. So whatever you want him to learn ensure that you are doing it yourself. If you want him to know the importance of time then be punctual yourself and be organised then he will learn on his own how time management is important to succeed in life.

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