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How to develop writing skill. in chid of 4yrs old...

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Created by Jyoti Kukreja
Updated on May 08, 2016

Hi!!! My child is 4 yrs old.. he is very sharp minded. he is very good in learning orally. n repeats wat he has seen in tv or else where or any story he watches or I tell. bt nw he is in nursery and as he grows writing is must bt he is not interested to do his written homework. when I say to complete his work he takes 1 hr. and continue in talking and at d end ap help kar do mumma in writing. then I get angry. sometimes I slept too. wat to do.. so that he get interested in written work n I nt get angry.. pls help...

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| Nov 30, 2016

same problem with me ...

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| Oct 17, 2016

my daughter is also 4 and to get her interested in writing initially I pasted a chart paper on the wall and started scribbling on the chart without telling her to repeat. seeing me do it, she slowly started imitating and gradually we started writing letters together and now she is happy to write. every week we make greeting cards to each other where she wants to write her own cards to her dad and sis. you can try this if you want

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| May 17, 2016

Thanks dear... I wl try this...

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| May 17, 2016

Hi, some children do not have much interest in writing but good thing in your case is your child is overall sharp and good at grasping things. So, don't worry and don't get angry with your son rather encourage him by different means. Apart from regular homework you can celebrate writing in many other fun ways too like for example if your child loves Harry potter than ask him to write a magical letter to katie bell, give him/her fun pens and colorful papers, and when he completes a particular story then appreciate him and tape that story to his room wall or over refrigerator. Keep a fun writing session every weekend and tell him to write anything randomly and you also do the same or ask an elder sibling to be a support and do the same then appreciate him for his writing skills. Gradually he will start picking up. Remember it will take time but make sure you are making writing fun for him rather than forcing him.

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