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How to discipline a stubborn 2. 4 month old twins?

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Apr 02, 2017

suddenly since two three days one of my twin(boy) has become very stubborn. he starts crying loudly throwing his legs hands even fallingbon ground when in i say no to him for something not safe for him or if its crossed its limit. he hits with his loose hands on my face n its painful to me :( . i sometimes lose my control give him a hit on his bum, which leaves me guilty n sad, but he leaves me with no option. he stops hitting me.. but keeps on crying n throwing himself here n there if he s in my arms. Full day they want to play with water.. which makes me mad as i hav to change them everytime. Please help me ladies.. i dont want to lose my cool on them! ;( Thanks. Anu

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| Apr 02, 2017

Try to divert his mind. first give him another thugs which is his favourite and try to hide that old things. where he can't reach or see. don't hit him he will become more stubborn. try to watch him tv or rhymes.

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