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How to enable the child to go to the school?

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 20, 2016

My son is 3 years old and he started his preschool, but everyday he is not willing to go to school, he used to cry also. Please suggest me what I can do to make him feel interest in going school?

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| Jul 20, 2016

Hi Prachi, let me share my experience with you ! l started to create lot of curiosity in my elder kid evev before I could get her into pre-school. for example, I used to describe the colourful walls, ball room, toy tools used as teaching aids, daily walk by the side of play school, kids getting into pre-school can with their tiny lunch bags and colourful cartoon character shaped school bags and other things. I used to describe her very interestingly that she would come to know many new things & meet new friends of her age in the school and so on... ! The funda I used was TO CREATE CURIOSITY ABOUT SCHOOL ! once she was in school, she started to enjoy it. incase of my second kid, my daughter helped me saying yes to my description about school. l used to let him spend some time in school, while picking my daughter from school, during which he used to explore the school premises. never create phobias, fear, insecurity or false truth about New places like schools for small kids. lastly always try to find out reasons for NO's. Before forcing or urging the kids to do something, always explain them the importance of that issue.

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