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How to encourage a child to give up bottle?

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Aug 30, 2017

my four year old daughter does not want to drink milk in cup or glass. She says she feels like vomiting. but she easily drinks it in bottles. I have tried giving her chocolate in milk or giving her m milkshake but the result is same. right now I am somehow managing her have it one time in cup but she cries a lot and it takes a lot of time. How do I change her habit?

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| Aug 31, 2017

hi Piyush Lohia ! I do comprehend ur concern. take her to the market and bring attractive sippy cups or mugs. u could even try one with her pic on it or ones with her favourite character on it . I am sure she won't be able to resist it for long. ask her to donate her bottle to a child ,and make a story how she would be blessed for giving it to a needy . everytime she drinks from a cup or a glass , give her a smiley or a star. but avoid scolding her for not drinking as she would get further averse to it. hope this helps!

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