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how to encourage my 2 yr 10 months son to speak in english

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Created by Ekta Kapoor
Updated on Jun 01, 2016

hi there.. my son is 2 yr 10 months old.. i want him to speak in english.. although he understands but replies in hindi.. plz suggest some tips to encourage him to speak in english.. understands underatan

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| Dec 16, 2016

my son is 26mnth bt still he dnt speak wt to do.

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| Jun 04, 2016

let him speak in the language he wants to express him... anyways he is going to learn / speak English at school.... remember the children who excel in their own mother tongue will find to learn any other language.

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| Jun 02, 2016

thanks Carol

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| Jun 02, 2016

Children learn multiple languages very easily. A language is best learnt by speaking. And they learn a language by imitating us. So continue to speak to him as you do now. One parent can speak in english and another can speak in your mother tongue. Or you speak in english and repeat the same in your mother tongue. While speaking if he makes mistakes, do not directly correct the mistake saying "no, this is not the right word". Instead repeat the sentence as a question with the correct word or rephrase the sentence with correct language conventions in a casual conversation. So he wont be disappointed and won't feel embarrassed to speak. While speaking use different words for the same meaning so he will build his vocabulary. Fix up a reading routine daily and read together. It's very important to read aloud to him everyday. For older children, when there is necessity, they will force themselves to speak. so When they come in contact with people who can't speak your mother tongue, they will start communicating in english. create such opportunities. Hope this helps.

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