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How to feed him milk

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Created by Diksha Singh
Updated on Jan 20, 2016

My baby is 10 days old n does not have proper mother feed. Can u suggest me about breast feeding of my baby. Is lactogen good for him.

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| Jan 25, 2016

Deeksha please don't give any supplements. Even I too faced the same problem for the first month. U keep on trying ur baby will learn sucking soon. U don't get stressed. Be cool take balanced diet. Pediatrician will give the best suggestions for breastfeeding positions. Give milk only sitting in a chair and holding the baby in your hands. Hope it helps.

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| Jan 22, 2016

Give ur baby some time he wil strt latching properly. Drink shatavari with milk for more milk in breast

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| Jan 20, 2016

Hi Diksha!! I have a 1 month old and can understand what you feeling right now, I went thru the same phase.. the situation might be totally overwhelming. But believe me it will be fine. Don't consider giving supplements at all. Breastfeeding us not as easy as we thing it is. It is a skill which will mature with time. See videos and read articles in how to breast feed, positions, techniques etc. Have confidence in yourself. Once your baby and you learn how to do it even the milk production will increase automatically. Eat well, take rest and stay calm. All the best!!

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| Jan 20, 2016

Hello, whatever might be the situation don't give supplements to baby. Do you know how to feed

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