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how to find out if your child is telling a lie. and how to respond when you are not sure whether she is telling. truth or lies.

7 to 11 years

Created by Nivedita Veeresh
Updated on Jun 11, 2016

communicating without creating misunderstanding

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| Jun 23, 2016

Thanks Nivedita Viressh! Thanks for your feedback! I am glad u find my suggestions useful!

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| Jun 20, 2016

thanks for advice. I am able to manage my daughter's emotions better

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| Jun 12, 2016

thank you I'll keep you updated on this. I do nag her sometimes. I'll. change the way I listen to her

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| Jun 12, 2016

Hi Nivedita Vireesh! When a child begins to tell lies it simply means she is refusing to accept her mistakes for the fear of being punished. She is being defensive. So to avoid that situation Nivedita ,the bond between u and your child should be strong. she should not be scared to tell u, anything including what wrong she did . For that kind of relationship to develop Nivedita, u need to stop reacting at that particular moment when she is sharing her heart out no matter how big the mistake was . I understand its difficult but it's essential for her to have faith in u that u will be on her side always. U could look for appropriate time when u could explain to her what wrong she did and how she could correct it. Make sure when u talk to her u r calm and composed. Just be a good listener and give a patient ear to her. Try and be her friend. Take her out for walks or for outing. Avoid spying her or nagging her all the time. Have faith in your child. Let her have that trust too, no matter what my parents will always be on my side. I am sure when u will share this kind of relationship with your child, u will have no doubts that she is lying to u. Start afresh Nivedita from today itself! Hope this helps!

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