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how to get child gain confidence

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Updated on Jul 16, 2017

my daughter is 8yrs old and a slow learner. .how to get her confidence back.....

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| Jul 16, 2017

hi Amit Jain! I do appreciate your concern. for your daughter her father and mother mean the world to her.. what they think about her, what they say about her, what they feel about her ,matters the most to her.. she might not say this in words but she loves it when u hug her, praise her and tell her"Shivangi u were awesome", " u did so well", " u r an amazing person", " u r very special to us" and "u also mean the world to us". try saying these things besides praising her for her genuine efforts.. Amit ji focus on her strengths and what she can do ,and at times forget what she can't do. seeing u ignore , she would also start to do the same and it might help her in not only gaining her confidence but also have a different approach towards things she can't do.. hope this helps!

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| Jul 17, 2017

hi ...all kids are special to their parents... as far urs is concerned.... she needs encouragment.... all u need is to say.... "u r a quick learner"... hum bacon ko jaisa banana chahty hai... we just need to repeat those things again and again.... n will find changes in her... it's tried and tested...

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