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How to give saffron to my kid

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Updated on Mar 03, 2020

Hi everyone, Can u pls suggest me how to give saffron to my 2and half years old girl kid. If saffron is good for my kid. It’s really gives colour to her skin and what are the benefits, and how to give when to give ?I need to bright up her skin colour. I already giving fruits fresh juices to her , now her face colour turns good I need to bright up her colour all over the hands and legs, she is very active and all good . If saffron’s really work?! Which brand of saffron is good to her?!pls help me guysss. Thanks in advance.

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| Mar 03, 2020

Hi Gayathri!, 1 or 2 stigmas/threads of saffron a day are enough for the children to relieve them of cough, congestion, stomach gas and many such seasonal maladies. You can add saffron to any dish you want, such as: warm milk, rice dishes like biryani and risotto, soups, broth, curries, stew, desserts like kheer, milk shakes, fish/chicken marinade, and a host of other foods you give to your kid. Just remember to soak/steep it in a liquid for 20 mins to 2 hours before adding the liquid to your dish. You can go for organic saffron and I don't think saffron really helps in improving the complexion of child. By the way how old is your child. Hope this helps you.

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