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how to guide my kids in there studies

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jun 04, 2016

how to guide my kid in his studies ..he is 6 yrs old

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| Jun 05, 2016

Hi Arundhuti, Following a routine always makes things easier for you and your child. By routine I mean start at the same time everyday. But don't be too strict on the duration. sometime children may not feel like doing too much of work due to different reasons such as tiredness, boredom, distractions. WHile doing homework, give them a choice to choose what they want to work on. "Do you want to do math or handwriting practice first". Give fewer options. Once they choose keep the duration shorter. Everyday practicing for 5 to 10 min a subject will be more effective than one long hr session a couple of times a week. Give all your attention when they are doing homework. But dont follow each and every thing they do and give directions. guide them when they need help. Do not do their homework. Keep yourself free so you can focus when they come to you for questions. Be ready to answer all their questions even if it's not relevant to that subject. As long as they are learning, keep the session interactive and fun. If your child doesn't understand something, try a different method to teach. Before you start a subject, if you can spend some time, find out different ways to teach the same topic. It's very important to understand what type of learning style your child follows. It can help you choose the right method to teach. Don't restrict your child's learning only during homework time. Let them learn anytime - while cooking, wile travelling, while playing, reading, while in the park. Encourage them to read a lot - not necessarily the textbooks or non fiction books. Allow them to read any type of books - story books, picture books, wordless books, graphic novels, jokes, puzzles anything they like. Keep in touch with children's class teachers to know what is happening in school and how your children are getting along. Hope this helps

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