how to handle kids who always compare themselves with others

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Mar 10, 2017

I have seen young kids always want What other kids have and so they are never satisfied or happy with what they have.... even if the parents give them every thing.... they still keep comparing themselves with other kids and feel others are more lucky then them. how to handle such kids?

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| Mar 10, 2017

hi Zainab! how r u doing! I understand your concerns. I agree children usually feel what other children have be it their parents, their toys , clothes or other belongings are always better than theirs. so for them farther pastures are always greener. this dissatisfaction is there because since childhood we have been compared with other children and now we as parents are doing the same with our children. we keep telling them every now and then that their cousin, sibling and friend is better than them . we have sown the seeds of jealousy and dissatisfaction in their mind although unintentionally. it's not late still . Zainab start afresh and as far as possible don't compare your child with other children and let him know he is unique and therefore special. u love him and are proud of him. I am sure your hugs and love would do the magic and he would no longer complain or compare himself with others. hope this helps!

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