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How to handle my 11 year old son's inquisitive queries about relationships?

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Updated on Aug 21, 2017

I got surprised when my son recently told me that he knows what an illegal child is. Then he started asking if Young ones of animals are also illegal as animals do not get marry. I tried to resolve his query by saying that giving birth to young ones is a natural phenomenon and there is nothing legal or illegal in this part. He was not satisfied with my response. I m sure that many queries he is going to come up with in near future so, is there any better way to resolve all his queries in a better and positive ways. All responses would be greatly appreciated. Best Meenu

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| Aug 22, 2017

Thanks Shikha.. Appreciated your response

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| Aug 21, 2017

hi Sushmeen! the way he learnt the word , illegal and I am sure he will be able the collect other Information too.. therefore it's advisable, please do try and solve have queries in age appropriate language . avoid going into details. if u sometimes , feel u don't know how to answer his question appropriately.. buy time and with the help of books or lil research or u could even ask your hubby to do the needful. but don't try to avoid such questions as he would make use of other unreliable resources . let it not be a single day discussion but spread over a period of time so that it's is not too overwhelming for the child. hope this helps!

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