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How to handle two languages at the age of 2??

1 to 3 years

Created by Divya Vineeth
Updated on Jun 28, 2016

My son is 2. 9 yrs, at home we speak mostly mother tongue. But when he goes to public and school most of the time he encounters with other language 'english'.. Many times my baby faced difficulty to understand and respond. So we started to speak in english with him at home. My concern is whether he will get confused with both languages .

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| Jun 28, 2016

as from 1 of d sources I hav came to knw,dat babies til d age of 5 yrs are capable to learn multiple languages.... so,dont restrict ur baby to 1 specific language.... some babies r quick learner's some r slow... so,its fine if ur baby is taking time to understand... my baby is jus 13months old n she is exposed to our mother tongue konkani,othr den dis tulu,kannada,hindi,marathi,english n Gujarati.... n lucky she understands each language n responds to d languages as well in her way to ecpress. . .so,wat I day is don't draw boundaries to ur baby..... njoy motherhood

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