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How to help my son increase weight?

Pallavi Peter
3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jan 20, 2016

My son is 3yrs 10months and is 14. 6kgs.. was born 2. 5kgs.. how do I increase his weight.. he doesn't like milk at all but make him drink half a glas s every morning. And bad eater.. has only 3 meals anything extra is very hard to go in unless he is really hungry.. what else can be done.. I give him fruits, non,-veg and all kinds of vegs.. what else? Am I missing something?

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manju sharma

| Apr 15, 2016

hi my daughter is 1. 5 nd vry weak only 7 kg .....she didnot eat anythng help me pls..

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| Feb 02, 2016

You can try giving him banana milk shake to him

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