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Created by Ruchi Goel
Updated on Aug 03, 2017

My son is 6 yrs old and very careless. He is sharp and good in studies but he does not take care of his things at all. I keep on correcting him but there is no change and now I m really get fed up by his carelessness and loose temper on him. So pls guide how I can change him. i have given various punishments to him but next time he does the same mistake.

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| Aug 04, 2017

Hi Ruchi We all have gone through tantrums some time or the other, I've listed some points which have helped me with my kids, see if it helps you out as well.

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| Aug 03, 2017

Shikha I can understand what you have suggested. i have tried many times to make him understand his mistakes by love and empathy but Everytime he repeats the same behaviour so that's why I started losing temper. I have seen him repeating the same mistake for regular 5 days. I will still try to be calm n patient to improve his behaviour.

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| Aug 03, 2017

hi Ruchi Goel! now that u have realized scoldings, and punishment is not correcting him, try dealing with him with love. sometimes Instead of working on the child, we need to work on ourselves and change for better. please check your tone before speaking to him and make sure u r calm and relaxed . also add words like Amazing, awesome, brilliant , too good , excellent , etc to your diction while praising him for his genuine efforts. Ruchi he is just 6 years old he will understand the language of love better. be a role model for him , I am sure he will learn quickly by imitation. please go through this blog.. Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too: .hope this helps!

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