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how to increase interest in studies for my child

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Dec 22, 2016

my child don't want me to talk about his studies and don't want to read any time . what should I do to call back his interest specially not interestedin writing.

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| Dec 22, 2016

hi Niraj! hope u r doing fine! he is not interested in studies . that's ok but now we have to look at what interests him. supposedly it is cricket or football. so make use of that as an opportunity to have a word with him .try and understand his learning style. is it auditory or visual or learning by doing. for instance he prefers kinesthetic,u could do simple experiments with him on topics such as air, or water and teach him properties of water, about plants he could grow seeds and watch it everyday . and in maths give examples from day to day life. Niraj you need to motivate him to study with your praise , love and innovative methods . allocate him work , check it, praise him for his efforts, reward him for good work. everyday supervise his work. hope this helps!

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