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how to inculcate studying habit in kids everyday

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Sep 18, 2016

My child is 2 years 6 monyhs old.. Iam a working mother.. I want her to inculcate studying habit everyday in her even if its for 30 mins a day. But whenever I want to make her sit and study.. she leaves the room or start crying or runs to other members of family to escape..

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| Sep 18, 2016

First, make a rule in your house that NOBODY interferes between you and your child. If you say something and there are others like grandparents or even her dad who would overrule you, she won't have any respect for your rules. Next, read board books or story books with her for 10 mins every day before sleeping. Then give her a book full of colourful pics and sit down with her. you can't expect her to study on her own, if you don't have time to sit with her for a study session. She will treasure these moments of togetherness with you and will slowly start liking study... all the best.. !!

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