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how to learn numbers for kids in easy way

3 to 7 years

Created by Jayasree Pillalamarri
Updated on Sep 17, 2016

how to learn numbers for kids my baby is 4 yrs old she cant understand how to wrote numbers .... help me

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| Sep 19, 2016

Hi Jayasree, in addtion to what Shikha said, your child should first learn to identify the numbers when shown randomly and to associate the number with number of objects - her toys, snacks, clothes etc. So keep counting objects that are around her. you could teach her to recite numbers in order using number rhymes. You could use block puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, peg puzzles, number magnets to make her identify. Once she knows to identify the number, you could draw a picture with numbers hidden within the picture for her to identify and trace or color the numbers. Use dots to draw the number in huge size so she can trace on it. Use play dough and cookie cutter to make numbers. Finally you start with free writing of numbers. don't restrict her to write on a line or within the lines or in specific size. Kids usually start writing in huge fonts. So let her try writing the numbers in huge size with chalk, crayons, paint, play dough etc. Hope this helps.

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| Sep 19, 2016

hi Jayasree Pillaimaree! hope u r doing great! it's advisable to take babysteps and teach her one number at a time and keep repeating and give reinforcement everyday and move on to the next number only when she is ready to do so. In math we do numbers in same order only unlike in English where we begin with standing line, sleeping line followed by slant line and curved lines. apparently when she seems ready and is thorough with 1 move on to 2 and so on. u could display a big poster size number chart in her room. u could make use of different mediums for her to write with such as magnetic board , chalk board with coloured chalks, thick crayons, dipping fingers in painting colours, writing in sand . bring her colourful books with numbers , texture books with different textures, blocks with number prints, etc to reinforce the same. praise her when she is good. a hug would do wonders . hope this helps!

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