how to loose baby belly after delivery .lemon juice

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Created by Jaya
Updated on Jun 15, 2017

hi all. Hopeall are good. plz suggest me some exercise and diet after delivery. I went thru C-section. so plz tell me according to this exercises. can lemon juice can take everyday my baby is hug both breast milk little and formula more.

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| Jun 15, 2017

hi jaya,i have underwent 2 c sections... and my gyneac have advised me to do mild pysiotherapy(they taught me in hospital)from 1week after c section... so u can c a physiotherapist and ask for the excercise..... she also advised me tht i can go for gym from 3rd month.. and follow the gym instructor and u will have to inform the instructor tht u have undergone c section so tht he or she wud give to right excercise to do.... Drink plenty of water whixh helps to reduce belly.... feed ur baby exclusively with brest milk for 6months which agian helps u to reduce weight...... lemon juice can b taken regularly as it as vit c which helps to develop immunity in baby..... and also helps in healing of cection wound as vit c is required for collagen formation for wound healing.... it also helps to cure viral fever. cold.... lemon juice shud not b mixed with hot water as heat takes away vit c and no point in drinking.... boil the water cool it thoroughly and thn mix..... do not drink in empty stomach because lemon has citric acid which cause ulcer... thank u take care

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| Jun 15, 2017

Hi Jaya, you can start walking at least 10-10 mint morning and evening. Have a glass of luke warm lemon water early in the morning. If its 5-6 month then you can start light yoga and exercises, make sure that it shouldnot pressurize your tummy portion. Better ask your gyne a chart of yoga and exercises,

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