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How to make a child independent and more close to his parents?

3 to 7 years

Created by Avanti Deshpande
Updated on Jul 21, 2017

My son is 3. 7years old. I want him to be a little more independent than what he is now. I also want him to be more and more close to me and my husband. he is more inclined towards his grandparents which I don't like at all. I do not want them to interfere with us. being a homemaker I feel that my son should be with me continuously and I want to give every bit of my time to him. I want to inculcate good values in him all by myself. Please suggest me some solution to this. I want my son to be the best.

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| Jul 21, 2017

Hi Avanti, For a child's overall development it is important for them to spend time with everyone in the family. It is a very good thing that your kid is close to his grandparents. Kids learn many things from them which we would not be able to impart to them. But I understand that sometimes they pamper them a little too much which interferes in disciplining them and sometimes the kids starts throwing tantrums because grandparents always give up when kids throw tantrums. So if your parenting techniques are interfering with theirs then you should communicate it with your in-laws in a very sweet and respectable manner and I am sure they will understand. Also to spend alone time with your kid is your right you can do that by taking him to the park in the evenings, or going for a morning walk, reading bed time stories and discuss what he did the whole day and what he enjoyed doing the most. Communicate with him a lot. Also, never try to stop the kid from spending his time with his grandparents as it is their right. And at the end of the day you also would want your child to be happy no matter who makes him happy. Also you are lucky to have in laws who supports you in raising your kid. All the best!!!

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| Jul 21, 2017

hi Avanti! u want to inculcate good habits all by yourself, the first good habit that should be taught to your child "IS TO RESPECT YOUR ELDERS". tomorrow if your son's wife tells him not to talk to u or he himself decides not to keep in touch with u , then please don't blame him as this is what he has learnt from u. Aavnti your in-laws are not going to harm u in any way, they would just pass on good values and ethics to your child. did they marry their son to u, so that u separate him from them , think about it!!! just be sure this is karmachakra ,all our deeds come back to us as "we shall reap, what we sow". just want u to be careful. Sorry to state this , it's time for some introspection.

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